Practical Nurses of Sheridan College

A network created for current, past, and potential nursing students of Sheridan College to combine and harmonize thoughts, emotions, learnings/teachings, and humour!

    About PNS...


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    About PNS...

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    The PNS, Practical Nurses of Sheridan College, is an organization created for current, past, and potential nursing students of Sheridan College to combine and harmonize thoughts, emotions, learning's/teachings, and humour! One of our main start up goals is to provide first semester students with peer mentors to help them on their nursing journey with Sheridan College. With that, first year students will be teamed up with second year students to help answer questions, and give guidance along the way. Along with the PNS peer mentoring program, we have also created this forum for all nursing students to engage in.

    The forum is a place for students to turn to with questions or concerns for all nursing students, and this allows students to turn to either their peer mentors or the forum for help or guidance. The forum is also a network medium for nursing students to keep in touch with one another to share emotions and life stories. Based upon the response and participation we get from nursing students, we hope to work towards creating social gatherings so that we get a chance to get to know all of you on a personal basis. Working together as a team in the healthcare profession is extremely vital to the success of each and every one of us. The more people we have in our network, the stronger we become. Please do not look at PNS as just an organization that you join, look at it as something that you are a part of. In one year, the founders of PNS will be finished their studies at Sheridan, and we want to hand PNS down to following years to keep the nursing community strong and continuously growing at Sheridan College.

    On top of creating a network for ourselves, PNS is striving towards fundraising and other ways for us to be able to give back to our community. Some fundraising ideas that have come across our minds are the Canadian Cancer Society and Sick Kids Hospital. With support from all of you, and other semesters, we can become a very successful nursing organization for many years to come. With your ideas, comments, and contribution, we hope to make this a great success and a great tool for you and future students.

    Please...Do not hesitate to contact us. We want to hear from you!!!


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